Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is known for its durability and beauty, and CarpetTown is known for saving hundreds of people just like you money while remodeling or building their homes. If youíve always wanted beautiful wool carpet for your home, but thought you couldnít afford it, CarpetTown can help.

With the savings at CarpetTown, you donít have to sacrifice quality to get what you want. You can choose from a beautiful line of quality wool carpet in a wide array of colors and styles.

Durable and Stain Resistant

Stain and soil resistant and durable enough to endure heavy foot traffic, no other carpet stands the test of time like wool. Made from natural fibers, wool carpet is soft, warm, and comfortable to the touch. It ages well and is easy to clean.

If youíve always wanted wool carpeting, CarpetTown has lovely wool carpet at amazing wholesale prices.

Wool Carpet, a Smart Investment

Not only is wool carpet durable and long lasting, choosing high-quality wool carpet can actually save you money in the long run. The natural crimped shape of wool forms millions of air pockets that act as insulation to help regulate your room temperature and as a result, reduces your energy bills.

When it comes to wool carpet, CarpetTown is your number one resource with a huge variety of carpet and flooring for your home. Youíll find top-quality wool carpet for your home at amazing savings.

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